Adult Beginners
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Fun and engaging sessions for complete beginners, separate sessions for adults and young people.

Our beginner sessions are just that, sessions for complete beginners; they're fun, friendly, engaging and collaborative sessions. There's no pressure, you'll work with a dedicated, qualified instrument teacher that's also a practicing industry professional and you'll learn in a small group of other beginners within your instrument area

For adults, it might be that you've always wanted to learn, say, drums, but never had the opportunity - well now you have!

For young people it's the perfect opportunity to try an instrument out in a safe, supportive, productive and creative learning environment.

Here's the best bit: You don't need any equipment. In the sessions we will provide you with everything you need to get up & running from drum sticks, to plectrums, amps, guitars, bass guitars, drum kits, keyboards and all in-between.

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