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Who We Are

Toga Creative was founded in 2022 by two of the UK’s leading player-educators, Ben Thomas and Pat Garvey, with a mission to create specialist small group learning, performance and creative opportunities for 7–16 year olds, bespoke adult short courses, and to offer high spec working spaces for organisations and industry professionals in the heart of the city of Brighton & Hove.

Connected directly to the local, national and international music scenes and popular music education sectors, our small group courses for 7-16 yr olds are delivered in association with Trinity Rock & Pop and RSL Awards, and come with the option to do grades 1 – 8 for everyone. Industry sponsors like Marshall, NATAL Drums, sE Electronics, Gewa, Roland, Vic Firth, and Meinl Percussion sponsor all our small group courses for 7-16 yr olds, as well as our bespoke adult short courses.

Ben Thomas and Pat Garvey have been able to combine successful international careers as professional musicians and leading educators, founding Toga Creative with a mixture of top-level real world experience, a true passion for education, and the drive to bring people together through creativity.

What We Offer

Small Group Courses

Small Group Courses

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Adult Beginners

Adult Beginners

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What's On

What's On


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